Processes at a glance

Respectful and responsible dealings with customers, employees and the environment are a fundamental part of the corporate culture of COSWIG.

Our ambitious targets in the fields of quality, environment and sustainability, energy management, and occupational health and safety are embedded in binding guidelines that rigorously form the basis of our business processes.

The integrated management system of COSWIG is certified to:

Safety and reliability thanks to superior quality

COSWIG guarantees best performance with optimised costs. This is both our claim and motivation. For more than a decade, the high quality standards of our castings have been based on a certified quality management system.

Every step in the project is extensively checked and documented in binding documentation processes – from receipt of incoming goods through the casting process and on to delivery of the finished products. Our skilled workers monitor over 1,000 different parameters with a trained eye and assistance from state-of-the-art measuring systems. Only when every detail is perfect do we allow our rolls and special components to leave the plant on their way to destinations all around the world, where they deliver reliable performance for the clients who ordered them.


COSWIG is certified to

  • Germanischer Lloyd
  • Lloyd's Register of Shipping
  • Auditing by VDEh

Commitment to the environment

In the development and production of castings, COSWIG not only takes care of commercial concerns, but also looks after environmental aspects. We feel that we have an obligation to the environment, which is why we have subjected ourself on a voluntary basis to certification in accordance with Environmental Standard ISO 14001, which we have satisfied since 2005. An indication of this is the renewed award of the TÜV certificate.

For us, by establishing an environmentally compatible business model and lifestyle, we are not forced to respond to problem pressure from the legislator or from the general public. We pursue new commercial requirements offensively and sustainably in order to reconcile commercial and environmental requirements.

We strive for a continuous improvement process in environmental protection not only at our site in Coswig, but also together with suppliers, service providers, trade partners and recycling companies along the entire value creation chain.


  • The environmental focus of our company's performance forms the basis from which all employees are encouraged to act with care for and awareness of the environment. Up-to-date information, continuing education and on-the-job training measures empower our employees to actively participate in the implementation of our Environmental Policy.
  • Environmental aspects are important criteria in all decision-making and development processes. They form a major part of our corporate improvement processes. Here, one of our basic principles is to use the best available technology taking into account cost-effectiveness considerations for the company.
  • In the context of target-based product planning, the environmental impact of every new activity, every new product and every new process is evaluated in advance.
  • The impact of our current activities on the local environment is assessed and monitored, and all significant impacts of these activities on the environment in general are examined.
  • Necessary actions are taken to prevent accidents that damage the environment and accidental emissions of harmful substances or energy.


Efficiency in production

We are convinced that energy-efficient production not only pays off for the environment, but also for our customers. This is why COSWIG relies on technology, processes and services that make careful use of resources. Our energy management system is certified to the standard ISO 50001.

COSWIG is committed to reducing energy use to the bare minimum required for production. Here, our engineers are constantly working on innovative solutions that will continuously improve our energy balance. The defined strategic and operational targets for energy use are regularly reviewed and updated as required.

The potentials of efficient energy use are put into practice in such a way that they also form a major aspect of job security. Energy management applies to all business areas at COSWIG.

Industrial safety

Quality of work and workmanship go hand in hand at COSWIG. For this reason, the health and safety of all of our employees is not only close to our heart, but it is also a key factor for success.

The General Management at Walzengießerei Coswig GmbH is aware of its great responsibility in the area of occupational health and safety and undertakes to comply with all principles that aim to protect the life and health of all persons involved.

Minimising possible hazards and taking prudent action in view of compliance with the applicable provisions are indispensable for this.

Occupational health and safety has the highest priority at our company and is considered in the company organisation and all work processes.


The main objectives are:  

  • Avoidance of accidents and occupational diseases
  • Elimination or minimisation of safety risks and hazards
  • Regular instruction, training and professional development courses for employees to ensure that all work is carried out competently
  • Improvements to the implementation of occupational health and safety through continuous assessment and monitoring of the risks associated with tasks


COSWIG promotes health and safety in the workplace with numerous strategies and measures that include the introduction of an AIS system for executive personnel:

  • Occupational health and safety information system for managers, master craftsmen and foremen
  • Introduction of daily instruction sessions (e.g. safety pulses, operating instructions)
  • Instructions for external companies
  • Other sources of information such as first aider lists, accident insurance consultants, ASA records