A tradition of innovation

From our beginnings as a small ironworks to becoming one of the most modern foundries in Europe – in its over 125-year history, COSWIG has constantly evolved as a company and redefined casting in the process.

Since 1892 traditional skills and craft have been fused with state-of-the-art technology at COSWIG. With passion, experience and a spirit of research we have redefined what can be done, overcome new challenges and impressed new customers.

Our high quality standards and discerning customers keep driving us forwards. Today we produce and develop tailor-made castings at our high-performance plant. We are a leading international supplier for the production of rolls and special components for wind turbines, industrial mills and printing presses.

But there is no time to sit back and admire our successes. We grow with our tasks and challenges. Then as now, COSWIG carries out research into innovative concepts so that we can keep making our products, processes and materials that little bit better. Join us on this journey into the future. Set us a challenge and tell us what you need!


Milestones in the history of the company:


Investment in a twin-beam bridge crane in foundry I with a load capacity up to 95t


Development of a hollow rotor shaft made of solid solution-strengthened cast iron


Introduction of the high-chromium material EN-GJN-HB555 – X Cr 14

Investment in a further CNC high-performance lathe


Introduction of solid solution-strengthened cast iron
(EN-GJS-450-18 und EN-GJS-500-14)


Investment in a Leica 6DoF high-performance laser tracker


Development and commissioning of an automated water quenching system for rolls


Introduction of the new material NiHard (EN-GJN-HB555)

Investment in a further CNC high-performance lathe


Delivery of hollow rotor shafts for Alpha Ventus, the first German offshore wind farm


Construction of a new foundry for hand-mould casting at the Coswig site, plus investment in two new annealing chambers and a CNC vertical lathe


Investment in a further CNC high-performance lathe and a belt saw


Expansion of machining including a climate-controlled measuring room

Development and trial casting of plugs for fuel rod final storage containers (up to 2012)


New construction of the foundry hall with annealing chambers and a new roll moulding shop

Up to 2005

Further extensive investments in machining and in the foundry


Development and manufacture of prototypes of the hollow rotor shaft for the world's first 5-MW wind turbine


In-house R&D department established


Walzengießerei Coswig GmbH is absorbed into the DIHAG Group


New medium frequency induction melting furnace put into operation


Start of production of components for mill construction


Start of production of hand-mould castings

from 1967

After the phase-out of the production of pit props for salt and copper mines, the supply of printing machine cylinders to Planeta Radebeul, a printing machine company, commenced


Commissioning of an 18-t electric melting furnace and development of steel rolls, plus resumption of pit prop production


At the end of the war, all facilities were dismantled under the reparations programme; start of production of chilled-case iron rolls and – for the first time – rolls for hot rolling mills.


Massive expansion with the erection of a modern machine moulding shop, a metal foundry with 3 melting furnaces, a new lathe shop and an administration building

from 1919

Casting of mixed rolls, calender rolls and milling rolls for the rubber, paper and food industries with exceptional quality, exported into many European countries


Development of the world's first hot blast cupola furnace by company founder Eduard Schürmann


After a construction period of 3 years, the first smelter is completed for the production of chilled castings (particularly for railway applications) and hand-moulded grey cast iron for machine construction


Eduard Schürmann founds the company Eisenwerk Coswig