Tail wind for wind energy

As an innovation partner of renowned wind turbine manufacturers, COSWIG develops and manufactures advanced machine components such as hollow rotor shafts and bearing housings. With our combination of engineering competence and casting experience, we can help deliver long-term success to our customers.

Together with leading companies in the field, COSWIG has been driving progress in the wind energy sector for 15 years. In the process, we have always managed to deal with the growing demands and set new standards: COSWIG supplied the hollow rotor shafts for the Senvion wind turbines in Alpha Ventus, the first German offshore wind farm. When they were built in 2010, the 5-MW machines were the most powerful ones on the market, and they still provide reliable service to this day. COSWIG recently delivered cast drive train components for two prototypes in the 6-MW class.

With our own research and development department, at COSWIG we always strive to move the goalposts a little bit further in terms of what can be done in roll and hand-mould casting for our customers. With a flexible and solution-focused approach, we can respond to new challenges in the wind energy sector.

Our engineers recommend the ideal materials for your requirements on the basis of load calculations. New developments and first castings are tested by COSWIG before the start of production with comprehensive casting and solidification simulations. This reduces development costs and improves reliability.

With 120 years of experience in casting, state-of-the-art measuring equipment, highly qualified skilled workers and a certified quality management system, we can guarantee that our machine components will reliably live up to their forecast performance targets in day-to-day operation. Year in, year out.


Services at a glance: 

  • Development support and production of hollow rotor shafts, bearing housings, locking plates, thrust rings
  • Ensuring that the extreme requirements in terms of low-temperature ductility are met through the use of spheroidal graphite cast iron EN-GJS-400-18U-LT
  • Co-development of a casting-appropriate design
  • Identifying potential sources of errors already during the planning stage with the aid of casting and solidification simulations
  • Improvement of the workpiece properties through selective heat treatment (stress relief heat treatment)
  • Pre-machining/finishing on CNC/NC machines
  • Complete organisation and implementation of logistics
  • Painting as per customer request
  • Delivered ready for assembly

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