Tough and reliable castings

For grinding systems, COSWIG develops and manufactures many different components that capably stand up to extreme mechanical loads. Europe's leading mill manufacturers trust the engineering expertise and industry knowledge of COSWIG.

For our customers we work hard to increase the service life of industrial mills, extend their durability and maximise their productivity. To do this, the engineers at COSWIG have developed innovative and high-strength materials that – in some cases – far exceed the requirements set out in the DIN standards. In this way, we are able to secure a long-term competitive advantage for our partners.

When it comes to casting and machining, our customers can again trust that our solutions offer the ultimate in reliability. For first castings COSWIG performs extensive casting and solidification simulations before the start of production. This reduces development costs and improves reliability. With 120 years of experience, a state-of-the-art machine park and highly-trained and specialised skilled workers, COSWIG guarantees the highest quality for every component. Only when every detail meets the high standards that are required do we allow castings like roll bodies, bearing blocks, fixed bearing housings, levers, forks, roll shells, grinding plates, bearing covers, pressure bars, retaining frames and grinding tables to leave the plant.

Our quality management system is certified to currently valid ISO 9001.


Services at a glance: 

  • Co-development of a casting-appropriate design and production of a wide range of different components for grinding processes
  • Use of widely varied materials depending on the requirements for high wear resistance, strength or toughness
  • Casting and solidification simulation, particularly for first castings
  • Pre-machining/finishing on CNC/NC machines
  • Painting as per customer request

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