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COSWIG stands for first-class roll casting and hand-mould casting, as well as innovative engineering. For over 125 years we have been developing and manufacturing high-end castings for different industries and applications. With a production capacity of 40,000 tonnes per year and over 260 qualified skilled workers, we are a strong and reliable partner for new challenges of any magnitude. All around the world.

Innovation is what drives COSWIG: With the aid of our own R&D department and by working closely together with other research institutes, every day we are able to push back the limits in roll casting and hand-mould casting. With well-grounded engineering competence we can translate our innovation into tangible advantages for our customers.

Flexibility for different tasks: COSWIG is the expert for roll casting and hand-mould casting. With our know-how we are able to respond flexibly to the requirements of our customers and can find reliable solutions to any problems that arise. Leading companies from different industries all around the world place their trust in the engineers and skilled workers from COSWIG. These include steelworks, smelting works and rolling mills, as well as manufacturers of wind turbines, printing presses, grinding machines and shredders and machine builders in a wide range of different areas.

High performance casting: COSWIG is one of the most modern foundries in Europe. With an annual production capacity of 40,000 tonnes and unit weights of up to 55 tonnes of raw mixture, COSWIG is well equipped to meet every customer request. For more than a decade, the high quality standards of our castings have been based on a certified quality management system.

Precision machining: COSWIG sets standards in the accuracy and workmanship of the rolls and special components. With CNC machining centres, Herkules lathes and laser measuring systems, we can offer a guarantee that the predicted performance potential will indeed be achieved in reality. In order to secure a permanent competitive advantage for our customers, we invest continuously in modernising our machine park and in the qualifications of our skilled workers.

Responsibility for the region: COSWIG not only strives for commercial success – we are also highly principled when it comes to taking care of environmental and social obligations. We are committed to charitable initiatives and to ensuring that we have a good working atmosphere.

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