Strength through values

We aim to deliver "Maximum Performance". At COSWIG, we strive for highest quality standards, absolute precision and continuous innovation. Both in terms of products and processes. For the success of our customers and for the success of our company. Today and in the future.

We like to think outside the box. We like to keep developing and rethinking our approaches. The current standards are the starting point for what we do, not the end target. We master challenges with courage and enthusiasm. With know-how and reliability.

If you who want to strike out in a new direction together with others, you first need to learn to trust your partners. This is why we always treat customers, partners and colleagues with transparency, professionalism and fairness. Because our aim is to establish long-term business relationships where both sides see each other as partners.

Our employees with their skills and ideas are our most valuable asset. At COSWIG, good work is recognized with appreciation – in the form of attractive working conditions, regular professional development and decent remuneration.

Our company has been deeply rooted in Coswig since 1892. This is where we do business, where we work and where we live. Through corporate, environmental and social responsibility we aim to help the area develop positively. For the good of the people here, the environment and our company.