The efficiency of any production line can be improved with rolls from COSWIG. Here, the key to success lies in the profile rolls and upset forging rolls, as well as in the rolling rings and plungers, which are carefully coordinated by our engineers to the production processes of our customers. For maximum roll performance, long service life and minimised costs.

The unmatched quality of our rolls is a combination of our long-standing expertise, the skills of our highly-qualified specialists and our constant drive to refine and improve our production methods. Highest machining accuracy is delivered by five high-precision lathes from Hercules and an automated surface finishing unit. The results are carefully inspected by experts with a trained eye for detail and with the aid of state-of-the art analysis technology.
Our certified quality management system guarantees consistently high standards with every casting.

For every aspect of our rolls COSWIG offers a complete, one-stop service – from the very first development right up to professional recalibration. Based on a well-founded consultation for all of the available materials, we can find the right quality for you and the best value for money. Optionally we can also offer our rolls with closely contoured quenching and tempering, ready calibrated for installation. Here, COSWIG will organise every aspect of the logistics involved. All around the world. With our representatives on almost all continents we can guarantee smooth processes and highest delivery reliability. As one of the leading foundries in Europe and with a production capacity of 40,000 tonnes per year, we can offer you ultimate reliability and flexibility.

Profile rolls

Whether for heavy, medium or light profile rolling mills – COSWIG manufactures pre-calibrated profile rolls ready for installation for rails, bulkheads, special profiles, beams, blocks and billet rolls.

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Edger rolls

COSWIG manufactures edger rolls for roughing stands and finishing stands in hot strip mills – optionally cast in static moulds as a mono block or flexibly cast as a ring-on-shaft system for reusing old rolls.

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Rolling rings

COSWIG manufactures statically cast horizontal and vertical rolling rings – individually pre-lathed or machined ready-for-use and pre-shrunk onto the shaft.

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Pistons and plungers

For hydraulic press systems COSWIG manufactures ready-to-install pressure pistons and plungers – with a graphite-free running face and variably adjustable case depth.

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